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My passion is sculpting and I've been pursuing art in one form or another since I was 5 years old.

A Colorado native, I relocated to Washington State in 2002, giving up a successful career as a graphic artist and 3-D animator, in order to devote my life to sculpting full time.

It's always been important that my work portray passion or excessive expression in some way - to impact people on a very personal level. There is so much inside of me that sometimes I feel like I'm going to burst trying to express all that I feel (all that is me). For years, I have felt restrained and quieted and now I've been unleashed and it's just a matter of having enough time to express all that I have that's been bottled up for so long.


My inspiration is nature, the human figure and spirit; with an underlying theme of transformation and renewal.

I'm primarily a stone sculptor with a great affinity and reverence towards stone. I work mainly in Basalt, granite, & non-traditionally carved stones, I interact with the stones intricacies and timeless qualities, producing spirited sculptures with luminous presence.

In addition to the stone sculptures, I create mechanized sculptures that viewers can become engaged and interact with. These interactive/kinetic, 3-D assemblages incorporate stone, metal, and various collected, reclaimed and found objects.

1985-1988 Fine Art, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO
1984-1985 Fine Art, Cottey College, Nevada, MO

Noteworthy Exhibitions
Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan
C.H.I.C., Kobe, Japan
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO

I'm an internationally exhibited artist and award-winning sculptor. I exhibit my sculptures in various galleries and respected fine art shows across the nation; along with creating a growing number of private commissions, in collections all over the world.

Please contact me if you would like to know my upcoming schedule or locations where you might view my work.